The purpose of the Young Members Group (YMG) is to encourage and enable the active involvement of young professional members in all levels of the American Nuclear Society (ANS).  YMG also supports students as they transition to professionals, needing to extend their networking capabilities, develop technical expertise, and extend their competence into non-technical and leadership roles.

Participation in the ANS National Meetings:

  • The primary purpose of the ANS Meetings is to provide up-to-date technical content to the ANS community.
    Young professionals are encouraged to present their own work as well.
  • The Annual (summer) Meeting is held each June, and the Winter Meeting is held each November.
  • Typically a Student Poster Session is held at the ANS Winter Meeting. Please attend to provide your support
    to student research and see what latest technical activities are ongoing at the universities.
  • There are various luncheons, dinners, and tours held in conjunction with the ANS Meetings.
    These events provide opportunities for networking with peers and experienced professionals.
  • Tutorials (free to attend) and Workshops (additional fees required) are provided as part of the ANS Meetings.
    These training sessions are available to expand your capabilities.
  • If you see a student or young member that doesn’t know how to be involved or where to go, please help them out.
    Even if you don’t know where you’re headed to next, two heads are better than one.
  • Often the real work and opportunities to connect occur at the meetings after the meetings. Professionals will typically spend time together at restaurants and bars, at or near the conference hotel, to discuss their interests in a more laid-back setting. These are excellent opportunities to discuss research, build collaborations, hunt for a new career, or even pick a graduate program.

Participation in the YMG at the ANS Annual and Winter Meetings:

  • Attend the YMG Executive Committee meeting to meet other YMG officers and members and find out
    about the different events and activities being held at the conference.
  • Additionally, volunteer for involvement in governance activities or as an officer in the YMG.
  • The YMG often co-sponsors technical sessions at the ANS meetings. Please support them by attending.
  • YMG hosts the Young Professionals Congress (YPC) every 2 years during the ANS Winter Meeting in odd years (2013, 2015, etc). The YPC is an excellent opportunity for young professionals to meet each other and participate in informative sessions on important current topics, workshops, and interactive educational training.
  • YMG social activities and working meetings (official or unofficial) occur during the course of the ANS conference. Feel free to participate and bring others along.

Participation in Professional Divisions:

  • Representation of the YMG in the Professional Division (PD) meetings is important for communication and recognition. Typically PD Committee meetings are held on Sunday
    before the technical portion of the conference begins. These meetings are open to any ANS member.
  • Volunteer in activities and responsibilities within the PDs that pertain to your interests. The experienced members of each PD need actively engaged young professionals
    that are eager to learn, participate and eventually run the ANS technical programs.
  • Be an interface between the PDs and YMG. Communication between the technical content of the meeting and the young members will further increase young professional training and participation.
  • Volunteer for involvement in governance activities or as an officer in the PD that interests you the most. Being a young professional does not preclude your involvement in the technical and governance aspects of the ANS.
  • Networking is of the most important aspect when getting involved in a PD. The PD Committee meetings allow you to interact with those professionals primarily responsible for directing and facilitating projects in their respective areas of expertise.
  • Some of the PDs also support the development, revision, and sustainment of national nuclear standards. Participation in the Standards Committees is an excellent means to understand the key challenges encountered in nuclear research and operations.
  • Serving as a Session Chair or Co-Chair for a PD is a great way to obtain visibility and directly meet the presenting researchers in your area of interest.
  • Serving on the Program Committees for the various PDs provides the opportunity to be involved with the review and acceptance process of the technical papers submitted to the ANS meetings.
  • The PDs also host Topical meetings focused on their specific research area. Participation in the governance, planning, and implementation of these meetings is an excellent means to be involved, build your experience portfolio, and show what a young professional can really do.

Participation in ANS Committees:

  • Standing Committees have been established to govern the various functions of ANS as a society from bylaws and rules, public policy, publications, etc. These committees are also open for attendance and participation from any ANS member.
  • Special Committees are also established to address topical, specific, issues pertinent to the society.

Additional Participation Ideas:

  • Take the time to follow blogs on the ANS Nuclear Cafe, or write your own blog
  • Get involved in the various activities and governance of the local sections near you. If one doesn’t exist or is inactive, consider starting the effort to set one up. Help is available from the Local Sections Committee.

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