Young Members Group    –    “New Generation, New Ideas, New Nuclear”

Who is YMG?
The American Nuclear Society (ANS) Young Members Group (YMG) consists of the best and brightest of the next generation of nuclear engineers and nuclear professionals in the world.  Young Members (YMs) run the gamut from industry (vendors, utilities, etc) representatives to national laboratory, government staff, and scientists to nuclear academics and graduate students.  Any nuclear professional 35 years of age or younger, or within 6 years of graduation with a nuclear engineering or sciences degree is eligible to join the YMG.

What is YMG?
The YMG is a Professional Division of the American Nuclear Society. YMG provides young professionals with opportunities to expand their technical knowledge and network with internationally recognized authorities and industry leaders. It also nominates young professionals for awards and leadership opportunities. The YMG lends its support to the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) trade association and other non-profit organizations on nuclear education and outreach projects.

Why join YMG?

  • YMG can help encourage and enable young professional members to be actively involved in the efforts and endeavors of the Society at all levels (e.g., Professional Divisions, ANS Governance, Local Sections)
  • To collaborate with other Divisions and Groups in developing technical and non-technical content of particular interest to young professionals for topical, national meetings, and beyond
  • To receive recognition through awards and leadership opportunities available to members
  • For networking and professional development opportunities with some of the premiere and leading nuclear professionals in the world.

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